A Brief History of the Guerrilla Film Society

The Guerilla Film Society was the only student club I ever wanted to be a part of. When I arrived at Biola in 2001, a fresh-faced freshman eager to make his mark, I quickly succumbed to the gravitational pull of GFS and its charismatic co-founder, Stew Redwine. Here’s how Stew remembers the origins of the club: When I arrived at Biola in the fall of 2000, one of the first things I did was ask

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Coronavirus Statement

Students, alumni, faculty, and visitors. In light of current concerns about the Coronavirus, the Biola Film Festival team has chosen to move the festival and ceremony online. We will be live-streaming the awards ceremony on April 18th, the same day previously reserved for the event. Details will be added as we iron them out, and please continue to check our social media for updates. While we regret that we cannot facilitate an in-person gathering this

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