Blue Cherries

After two best friends, Ryan and Sean, decide to get as many slushees as they can in a day, Sean invites Heather to tag along which creates relational drama between them, all the while being chased by an overzealous slushee employee, while dealing with the transition to high school.

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in this surrealist vignette based film, a goldfish makes conversation with various objects.

their conversations have been translated to lowercase for your viewing convenience.

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Jericho sets out on a dangerous quest to rescue his lost brother Taric from one of the mysterious realms past mystical gates. With his village’s two bravest warriors accompanying him, he must learn to be an adult and discover what the journey has in store for him.

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Move Wit You

A music video for the artist Dboone, specifically the director’s cut for the song “Move Wit You”.

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Silly Human

Our story follows Linda, an up and coming actress who steps into a key role on the hit TV show: SILLY HUMAN. We soon find out the production is run by an artificial intelligence who demands one thing: perfection. If a cast member does not meet this requirement, consequences could prove fatal.

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A man moves into a new apartment but goes on an adventure to find his missing items.

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